Thursday, October 31, 2013

The One About RCP


  1. I went to New York city a few years ago and visited Revolution books store, it was on Christmas holidays, so i bought some books and when i was going to go i said to them "happy holidays", and then the guy at the cashier said to me, "we don't believe in holidays". I felt so ashamed and i said to them "i'm sorry its the tradition you know, he he". But now i remember this episode from Seinfeld "The Race" and laugh about it a lot.

  2. something of the same happened to me, just change bob avakian with zizek and chomski

  3. I'm part of a radical literature study group. I went to the Revolution books in NYC. I hand the cashier a copy of "What is to be Done?" by Lenin.

    Cashier: That it?

    Me: Yup.

    Cashier: ::Looks at book:: Have you heard of the "new Lenin"?

    Me: Um...I haven't heard of it, no...

    Cashier: I mean Bob Avakian.